The marvelous 10-year journey of the Marvel Cinema Universe

Recently, Marvel Studios celebrated the 10th anniversary of the Marvel Universe Cinema (MCU). Blockbuster "Iron Man" (2008) opened up a new era for the superhero movie series.

On the MCU's 10th anniversary, Marvel Studios' film crews include producer Kevin Feige, honorary president of Marvel Comics Stan Lee, and movie stars who have been associated with the superhero brand. Together we sat down and took a photo shoot at the Avengers: Infinity War, sat down together and took a picture.

This unique photo was taken in October 2017, when the Avengers 3 project kicked off at Atlanta, Georgia. With the equipment around, MCU's familiar faces have the opportunity to shake hands and celebrate their achievements.

Among them, top stars such as Robert Downey Jr. (Iron Man), Chris Evans (Captain America), Mark Ruffalo (The Hulk), Chris Hemsworth (Thor), Chris Pratt (Peter Quill), Scarlett Johansson (Black Widow)... 

1. The pioneer of "Cinema Universe"

The 10-year journey is not too long, but not short, giving Marvel Studios a lot of "sweetness". For the past decade, the MCU has dominated Hollywood with movies based on the Marvel Comics characters, produced by Marvel Studios and released by Walt Disney.

Iron Man (2008) with Tony Stark first wearing a powerful armor, stepped out of the cave marking the beginning of a superhero era. There, a series of characters that possesses super powers from comics stepped on. All coexist in a universe and they have a close interaction with each other.

Today, MCU has released 18 movies (and many TV series), along with other products such as video games, toys and clothing. The amount of money Disney and Marvel earned from the movies of the MCU has reached more than $ 13.5 billion.

The Marvel brand has contributed to the shaping of American entertainment culture. From the MCU, many concepts have emerged and have influenced other cinema brands such as Multiverse, Crossovers.

When recalling, the fans were still touched when they first saw Tony Stark / Iron Man appear on the big screen. In 2011, Captain America: The First Avenger debuted, marking a new evolution of MCU.

2012 may have been the time that most MCU fans would expect. For the first time in history, the Avengers appeared on the big screen, in a blockbuster movie featuring modern and glamorous effects.

2. Unique movie brand

For over a decade, Marvel's unique film brand has been associated with the childhood of many generations of audiences, and has become an inspiration for modern filmmakers.

Not only that, Marvel Studios films also make the habit of waiting until the credit line runs out, and then they will be rewarded with attractive after-credit related to next movie.

The success of Disney / Marvel's "pioneer" has made other studios such as Warner Bros or Universal coveted and determined to create the otherCinema Universeto increase revenue.If Warner Bros collaborated with DC Comics to create the DC Universe (DCEU) with Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman…Univesal built the Dark Universe of the monsters.

Even though DCEU has many famous superheroes, they are still struggling to find a direction after the failure of the Justice League, and Universal's Dark Universe is showing signs of collapse right after the first movie The Mummy (2017).

Obviously, over the past 10 years, MCU has created a world with its own rules and formulas, gradually conquering most audiences and critics. It's the thing that not many film studios could easily copy.

Kevin Feige, director of Marvel Studios, said: "We want the audience to come back and watch another piece of MCU with amazing surprises, breakthroughs and differences in the way of building the rhythm of the whole universe, not just any film."

Because of the unexpectedbreakthroughs of the MCU - like the way they created the Avengers, battle of Iron Man and Captain America or the convergence of more than 72 characters in a blockbuster such as Avengers: Infinity War - helped Marvel Studios conquer the audience and claim the "unique" position in Hollywood.

3. Black Panther and the "strip" of superhero movies

With the upcoming Black Panther blockbuster, this is the first time MCU has made a movie about a black superhero. Most of the actors in the film are black people and the director is Ryan Coogler, also a black man.

This is considered as a new breakthrough of the MCU. The past few days, the Black Panther was praised by the American critics. Some experts say that this is the best MCU movie ever.

Hollywood Reporter Todd McCarthy, a well-known film critic, commented that Marvel had put into the film Black Panther some issues that had not been explored by any superhero film, including race, isolation, migration...

Still part of the MCU, but Black Panther takes audiences to a completely new land, a mysterious country in Africa with ancient royal ceremonies and ultra-modern technological wonders.

Variety's film critic, Peter Debruge, also made the remark: "This is a completely different film, with a deep sense of African culture."

The Black Panther prediction will also be a big commercial success for Disney / Marvel. As a result, the trust of the audience for MCU is increasing.

MCU also succeeded in bringing the comic-book community closer to movie fans, and that interference promises to bring more surprises to the movie market in the future.

Marvel Studios is also contributing to a new movie culture for movie fans. After watching a movie, they will have to learn more about other related characters in the same universe and wait for new movies, about these characters.

According to plan, MCU will release at least 6 blockbusters from now until 2021. This year, Marvel Studios will release 3 movies, "Black Panther", "Avengers: Infinity War" and "Ant-man and the Wasp ".

In the future, "Marvel Family" will welcome a new female superhero, named Captain Marvel (Brie Larson). This character will possess a tremendous power, as well as the key to the next gate in the development of the MCU in the fourth century.