The big comeback in 2018: who will succeed and who will get bitter?

Half of the year 2018 has passed, but the number of comeback artists has been extremely crowded: from famous names like diva Celine Dion, Christina Aguilera, Jennifer Lopez to today's generation artists such as The Weeknd , Ariana Grande, NinkiMinaj, Shawn Mendes ... All contribute to the shaping of the 2018 music scene flourishing and diversified after being dominated by rap and hip-hop in 2017.

In just under a month, there have been a series of big names coming back to make it difficult to choose the most successful comeback. As for the music fans, it is clear that everyone is happy because of the "multiple" in quality music videos.

So what is the comeback that you feel most impressed?

1. Call Out My Name - The Weeknd

Does our "The Weeknd guy" embrace the pain of a broken relationship with Selena Gomez to enter the studio and record Call Out My Name? No one knows.But from the melody, the lyrics to the whole MV bring a sadness and obsession because of things that happened in the past. A blessing in disguise, the audience will enjoy a quality music product, with the style of The Weeknd.

Call Out My Name is a dark and metaphorical MV.

2. In My Blood - Shawn Mendes

After a quiet time after the hit There's Nothing Holdin 'Me Back, the handsome and elegant Shawn Mendes has returned with three consecutive singles released in just a few weeks: In My Blood, Lost in Japan, Youth. With the familiar music, not really impressed, will this guy's return meet the desire of the fans?

In My Blood is a pretty artistic MV.

3. No Tears Left to Cry - Ariana Grande

After resting since the end of the Dangerous Woman Tour, Ariana Grande has shown her ambition to climb to a new level in the music map with the release of "No Tears Left to Cry", her first step for the upcoming album "Sweetener". Up until now, the song has received positive reviews from critics and enthusiastic support from fans.

No Tears Left to Cry is the best MV of her career up until now.


4. El Anillo - Jennifer Lopez

Not to mention the other issues, there are no MVs released in 2018 that can match El Anillo in terms of meticulousness and majesty in costume design. In this MV, our JLo is still beautiful and powerful as a goddess. She continued to come back with familiar Latin music and hot dance that made fans unable to take their eyes off the screen.

El Anillo is a gorgeous MV.


5. Accelerate - Christina Aguilera

Except for Xtina's excellent performance, Accelerate has caused a complete disappointment for those who are waiting for her comeback after half a decade. Christina Aguilera's voice has darkened and is no longer beautiful, the music is too sloppy and the rap does not fit the tone. Let's hope because this is just a draft of Christina. There are still "real" songs that are still somewhere waiting for the release date...

Accelerate like a bizarre mix between Madonna and Miley Cyrus.


6. Ashes - Celine Dion

For the past four decades, Celine Dion has always been associated with immortal love songs with classic style and luxury. Perhaps only in the dream, we can see the legendary vocalist Celine Dion singing the theme song of Deadpool. But with what this female vocalist is doing in Ashes, we know what the true level of a vocalist is.

Ashes is the official song of the superhero Deadpool movie.


7. Chun Li - Nicki Minaj

Rapper Nicki Minaj with hot ass has just come back with two songs: Chun Li and Barbie Tingz. Still with the familiar rap style that made her name along with the impressive look in Chun Li's MV, will Nicki continue to succeed as before or she will fail like Iggy Azalea recently?

Chun Li with eye catching style.