The upcoming Free-to-Play “blockbuster games” promises to blow you away from the chair.

Free-to-play games sometimes get in the loop: the power of money, Pay-to-Win... They are always seen as a problem with these games. But along with that, some of the biggest free-to-play games not only have good gameplay and "clean" in terms of money, but also have major tournaments with a total prize money of up to a million dollars, such as Dota 2, Hearthstone, Heroes of the Storm, LOL ... Although lack of “eSports”, but Fortnite: Battle Royale can be considered the largest game today with more than 30 million players in March 2018.

Anyway, gamers are still human. And who does not like to use free items? Some well-known developers are still testing the F2P game market. They hope to attract a large number of gamers that the previous games have attracted. This means that the competitiveness of the free-to-play game market is growing. And cheap games, “money to win” games sucking are increasingly struggling to survive. Here are some notable names and they are free to play. You should be mindful, some are already playable.


Epic Games brings us a game with the Unreal Engine 4 engine has been modified, Unreal Tournament is the image that has been selected from the essence of the fierce shooter-game version of the same name in 1999. This is not a remake version, nor a reboot version. Epic Games is mobilizing the community to contribute and develop this version, from programming, coding, donating, 3D building... In general, Epic Games allows every fan of the series to contribute according to their abilities, in any way they can. They hope that this unique development style will brighten up the memorable aspects of the original version.

And Unreal Tournament is not just an F2P game. According to The International Business Times, the report, because of "the development of the community" of Epic Games, their plan is to make this game so that it will be completely free. That is, there are no real money purchases, no real money transactions, no loot-box ... They have plans to create a mod market where Modder, content creators can set their desired price, but the charge only stops at that level.

All code of Unreal Tournament is posted online on GitHub so players can easily access and help if they want. There is also a downloadable version available, and Epic Games will be releasing new updates as soon as they are completed.

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Magic: The Gathering - Arena is a game that was created with the goal of giving players a magical card game experience like Hearthstone or Yugi Oh. And this is not a shortened version of the main game, the publisher promised that Magic: The Gathering - Arena would be a complete experience. The publisher also plans to launch more than 1,000 new cards for the game every year.

But, of course, the free version of Magic: The Gathering - Arena will also bring noticeable changes in how the player collects magic cards. Keep the same "economics" mechanism in the original game - the Closed Beta offers an 8-card booster pack, including some "Wild Card" cards that can be changed to complete a set of cards as you wish. This allows gamers, though not having much money to buy cards, can still keep up the competition. In addition, standard and draft modes are added to the game. And with that, the number of cards is also expanded.

So many interesting things in this version right? Currently, Magic: The Gathering - Arena is allowing players to experience the Closed Beta, you can register to play games right now on the game's homepage.

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A complete game made from a sub-game in The Witcher III: Wild Hunt - where many gamers play a lot, immersed in it more than the main game. Gwent has also been open beta for a short time, and plans to release 1.0 update by the end of 2018.

Gwent brings a new approach to card games, each game is a 3 card battle, and the units will not directly attack each other. Instead, you have to lure your opponents to throw out all their strong cards, this is a very effective tactics; If they spend too much of “their energy” on winning the first round, you can use stronger cards to clear the next two rounds and win the game. Despite being open-beta, but with free-to-play gameplay, Gwent still offers a wide variety of cards and artifacts, though not as overwhelming as in Hearthstone or Magic: The Gathering.

Although still in the Open Beta, but CD Projekt Red is also developing a full version, along with balanced updates and even single player campaign.

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Dauntless was announced in early 2017, and it was the first game from the Phoenix Labs studio. A new game comes from a new game studio, but the brains behind it are not "new" at all, but on the contrary, they are extremely experienced. Typically a studio director - Jesse Houston is a “former veteran” of Riot Games, Ubisoft and BioWare.

About Dauntless, it's a co-ordinated action game, putting the player in the position of a character named "Slayer". The Dauntless Planet is now flooded with giant Behemoth beasts and Slayer's mission is to hunt down all the beasts to protect humanity. Players must work together to defeat the enemy. A successful hunt will give them points to upgrade their stats and equipment to fight the bigger, fiercer monsters.

It sounds like Monster Hunter: World, is not it? But it's also true that Dautless was inspired primarily by that game, including Dark Souls and World of Warcraft. The Beta is now available and you will need to purchase Founder Pack to start playing.

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This game was developed by Bluehole, the studio that brought us the legendary game PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds and released by Kakao, the name behind the success of Black Desert Online. Ascent: Infinite Realm (AIR) is a steampunk-style MMORPG that focuses more on PvP instead of regular level training. The trailer shows the world of AIR with a lot of things from huge beasts to giant robot battles, and even air battles. Did you feel curious and interesting?

Ascent: Infinite Realm’smaximum level limit is 30 and the player only takes about 30 hours to reach that limit. Once you reach the top, a real game will start with epic battles. From quests to different gameplays will take players to multi- battles, both in land and sky.

With a fresh new graphics style, 5 unique character classes and a combination of experienced developers, Ascent: Infinite Realm is a free-to-play game that you should keep in mind. The game is currently in the Closed Alpha phase.

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The first Free to Play (F2P) version of the Total War series reduced the size of the game and simplified it a bit, but still focused on big battles with clever tactics. Total War: Arena brings players 10v10 battles with each player controlling up to a maximum of 100 soldiers. That means that there are 3,000 soldiers on each side, compared to traditional offline games, which are quite small, but with the diversity of factions, units, commanders, this reduction still brings players depth in tactics.

In order to release this F2P version, SEGA has teamed up with some of the best F2P game developers, such as Wargaming Studio, known for World of Tanks and World of Warships. Currently, Total War: Arena is in the Open Beta and you can download the game to experience. The current factions are: Carthage, Rome, Greece and the Barbarian Man.

With many commanders and different units for each faction, the content of the game is quite "diverse". In addition, the process of playing in the Beta will be kept fully on the main game when the game launch. There is no reason not to start playing, right?

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First, let's talk about this strange name; Project TL is the name changed from the Lineage Eternal. That's right, it's a direct sequel to the MMORPG online game series that has a medieval tradition background. Lineage was first launched in 1998 and later, Lineage II was released in 2003.

The name change took place after the development team decided to change the engine of the game and rework a large amount of game content, but do not be mistaken, it is not an anonymous game; and not a simple "branching" game. This game is a direct sequel of a legend that has been so well known throughout East Asia. It was listed by Forbes as one of the 10 best-selling games in the game's history with a total of 43 million copies sold in 2006. Only with this information is enough for us to know that this is a blockbuster game, right?

And based on the trailer, this game looks quite similar to Diablo with a bit of a significant effect of World of Warcraft. But there is one new noteworthy feature, the "mouse control" feature that allows you to bring your skills to the game screen in a more intuitive way, thereby giving you control the character's abilities easily.

Currently, the game has been in closed beta in Korea, but by the decision to switch to Unreal Engine 4 so the game has changed the official release date is quite far. Hopefully NCsoft will develop this game a little faster so we can get a handle on this legendary game.

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